1 onion

1 bundled of celery

1 bell pepper

1 frozen bag of orka

1 pkg of sausage(your choice)

1 jar of roux(your choice)

3-4 boneless chicken breast(or you can use whatever kind you like such as dark meat)

1-2 cups of cooked rice

salt(season to liking)

pepper(seasoning to liking)

parsley flakes(or you can use fresh)(I use about 4 pinches of it)

food 001

In a pot cook your chicken until done. Once finished drain water and set aside to cool.

food 002

Cut up about 2 cups(give or take) of celery. I used almost the whole bundle.

food 004

Cut up 1/2 a cup(give or take) of onions or just use half of the onion. All the veggies depend on your liking honestly.

food 005

Cut up at least half of the bell pepper. Again it depends on your taste but you can’t taste the bell pepper that much.

food 006

Season the veggies with a little salt, pepper, and 3 pinches of parsley.

food 007

In a pan pour a little vegetable oil and heat it up, so we can sauteed the veggies.

food 009

While the cooking oil is heating up or a few minutes prior go ahead and put a pot of 4.5 quarts of water on the stove. You will need the water to be boiling when the veggies are done.

food 008

Once the oil is hot enough, add the veggies to it. Cook it until they are almost cooked all the way through.

food 012

Once the veggies are done, add 8 oz or half the jar of roux to the veggies. Stir until its dissolved. (I know MOST people just add the roux to the pot once the water starts boiling but I’ve found this to be the easiest way)

food 013

Once your roux has dissolved and looks like this, add it to the pot of water. **MAKE SURE THE WATER IS BOILING AS YOU PUT THIS IN IT.**

food 018

It should look like this once you add the roux. Stir this for 3-5 minutes. You really want to get everything mixed in with the water. I also turn the stove down to low(I boil my water on high) and add my cooked and shredded chicken to the pot. I also tend to add more salt, pepper, and 1-2 more pinches of parsley. Remember its all about your taste buds.

food 019

It takes the gumbo about 2 hours on low to cook. When I have about 45 minutes left on the gumbo I had 1 cup of COOKED rice to the pot along with sausage and orka(both to liking).

food 022

Finished product.

food 015The roux I use.

food 021The Sausage I use.