• Favorite Box of cake mix(plus ingredients according to box)
  • Favorite Icing
  • Favorite Type of sprinkles
  • Ice cream cones( If your cake mix says it makes more than 12 cupcakes than you will need more than 12 cones)



food 002


Following the directions on the cake box, mix up the cake batter. I found at my local grocery store a funfetti cake mix in a bag that said would ONLY make up to 12 cupcakes & it was already blue.


food 003 

Using a scoop of some sort(I use an ice cream scoop), scoop the cake batter into each cone filling it up right about to the point the cone starts to flare out. Place the cone in a cupcake pan as seen in the picture for baking purposes.



food 005 

What they should look like when they are finished. Only took about 20 minutes(give or take) to bake.


food 008

Add your icing on top. 



food 010.

In a bowl I put a variety of sprinkles in it to dip the top of the cone it. 


food 011 

Dipping the top of the cone in the sprinkles. 


food 012


FInished product!!!! They are so good and definitely a crowd pleaser with the kiddos!