1 loaf of french bread

A pkg of white american sliced cheese(or you can use mozz. cheese if you want)

1 jar of pizza sauce


1 pkg of pepperonis

1/2 teaspoon of salt, garlic powder, basil, parsley

food 001

Slice your loaf of bread. Butter one side of two pieces of bread along with spreading on pizza sauce on the other side.

food 003

Add your cheese.

food 004

Add pepperonis and top it with the other slice of cheese and bread.

food 005  food 010

Take seasonings and mix them in a small bowl. Sprinkle a little bit of it on the top of sandwich as pictured. Once you get your skillet hot enough(I turn my on medium) place your sandwich in the skillet with the side you have already sprinkled the seasonings on faced down. Once you have placed it in the skillet you can now sprinkle some of the seasoning on the unseasoned side.

food 011

Cook until golden brown on both sides or cheese has melted. Hope you enjoy